I'm 18 and my name is pronounced like Maya, so basically I dated Emily Fields and died. I was born in England but live in America. Spemily is love. Spemily is life.

SHOWS I WATCH(ED) - PLL, Grey's Anatomy, Being Human, Once Upon a Time, Teen Wolf, Psych, American Horror Story, Game of Thrones, The Walking Dead, How I Met Your Mother.


Dilaurentis + Elevator.

I’m still alive, I just have rehearsal everyday until 10:30 :-(

I dislike the lack of Spemily.


Pretty Little Liars Meme (5/6 favourite characters):

Mona Vanderwaal

"Congratulations, you’re back on the team! If I had a pom, pom I’d shake it."


Anonymous asked: Nina Dobrev or Shay Mitchell?

Shay Mitchell || Acuvue 1-day  2014

favorite character meme: [2/8 quotes]

Every Pretty Little Liars Episode3x23- I’m Your Puppet

"Oh honey, you didn’t even know me when you knew me."